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Subic IRONMAN participants should join Swim Out

Sunrise Events, hoping to ensure that the coming Century Tuna IRONMAN Philippines in Subic is a more enriching experience for participants, will hold the Sunrise Swim Out x Swim Junkie on May 13, 2018.

The Sunrise Swim Out (2 km to 4 km) will be a simulation of the said triathlon using the same swim course and implementing the same swim cut-off time. The Swim Out date was selected to give the participants a feel of the water conditions for race day.

Those who want to be prepared for the long and demanding swim course of the first full distance IRONMAN race to be held in the Philippines are invited to register now at:

Sunrise Events General Manager Princess Galura said the Swim Out was organized for the benefit of participants to the Century Tuna IRONMAN.They will learn tips from the best swim coach Betsy Medalla on how to conquer the swim and finish strong according toGalura.

Registration fee is P2,500 for the 2k and P3,500 for the 4k inclusive of shirt, swim cap, brekkie and medal. It is open to all including those who will not race in Subic.

Coach Medalla said participants who join the Swim Out will benefit from the experience. It is an important training swim and an excellent way to tell how far off they are from their target swim fitness or finishing time goals.

“This is a first time IRONMAN racer’s chance to cover the mental aspect of race preparation. The distance should no longer scare you. It’s normal to be nervous but if you fear it – you haven’t prepared enough,” said coach Medalla.

She asked interested parties to register early because slots are limited. Participants will get to see where they stand in terms of swim time and the overall quality of the swim. They will learn a lot from the reconnaissance swim. The date was selected based on tide predictions that are as close to those pegged for the IRONMAN Philippines race.

“The most important lessons of the swim out are a feel for how much effort to put in while you swim, memorize your sighting references, have an idea of what kind of goggles to use on raceday based on the sun’s glare and the spots on the course with currents you should be aware of,” said coach Medalla.

Participants in the swim out will come away with a sense of the distances between buoys, memorize sight markers and get a feel for the tides. They will gain a significant mental advantage because the course will be less of a mystery come race day.

Coach Medalla said everyone, even those not participating in the Century Tuna IRONMAN,will benefit from joining the Swim Out.

It is an excellent opportunity to measure themselves against other athletes. It will afford them an idea of what to expect should they sign up for triathlon in the future. They will get a solid open water workout in near race conditions.

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