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Black Arrow Express winners unanimous in wanting to return to Subic

Winners of the recently concluded Black Arrow Express 5i50 were one in saying they appreciated the efforts of Sunrise Events in the successful staging of the Subic Bay Philippines race and vow to return next year.

Champions Sam Betten and Dimity Lee Duke of Australia as well as runners-up Jakub Langhammer from the Czech Republic and Laura Wood of New Zealand were unanimous in praising the event.

Betten – who has travelled the world competing – insists that Sunrise Events races are one of a kind and unlike any other anywhere else.

“When you come to the Philippines there’s that sense of family and belonging that you get from everyone. Everyone’s so incredibly nice. Everyone’s so helpful. It’s something that you feel like you are part of the family,” said Betten.

“That’s very unique in the sport. Travelling to different unique events all around the world. There’s something about coming to the Philippines and racing here. I think it’s the reason why we see the same athletes coming back year after year after year.”

Langhammer, for his part, swears that Sunrise Events races are the best IRONMAN races in the world.

“It is a team of really friendly people which love their work. This is really important. Sunrise Events provide the best hospitality and event quality for all participants and I think this is why their races are so popular,” said Langhammer.

“I like all triathlon races in Philippines because I always feel like I’m home. Everyone is so friendly and they are the best cheering people in the world. They always have the best racing atmosphere.”

Wood confesses that she simply loves racing in Sunrise Events races and would never pass up the chance to join one.

“They are very well organized races and the hospitality is brilliant. The Sunrise team do an amazing job of looking after us professionals and making us feel welcome which is why I keep coming back,” said Wood.

Black Arrow Express 5i50 champion Betten says Sunrise Events races are simply the best in the world.

“Sunrise Events races are world class and as a professional athlete you want to compete in those events that set a high standard. Sunrise Events races are just the best there are and the experience of the events is just so amazing that I always want to keep coming back every year,” said Betten.

“I really love to race as many of the Sunrise Events as I can every year. The Sunrise team set such a high standard with the professionalism and overall event experience.”

Like so many of the best professional triathletes in the world, Duke is a regular participant in Sunrise Events races and a frequent visitor to the Philippines.

The woman they call “The Duke” appreciates Sunrise Events’ world class races which almost always include familiar faces who regularly return to compete.

“I think it keeps us honest. Like every year we’re trying to better ourselves as athletes. We’re all pushing each other. So I think sometimes racing the same people is good. There’s someone more dominant than others so you’re going to be trying to beat that,” said Duke.

Sunrise Events kicks off its 2020 calendar with the Penong’s 5i50 Triathlon to be held February 23 in Tagum City, Davao.

It will be followed by the Alveo IRONMAN 70.3 Presented by Petron on March 22 in Davao; the Century Tuna full IRONMAN Presented by Big Boss Cement to be held June 7 in Subic Bay Philippines; the Sun Life 5i50 Triathlon on July 12 in Bohol; and the Regent Aguila IRONMAN 70.3 Presented by Philam Vitality to be held August 9 in Cebu.

Sunrise Events completes its 2020 calendar with the Black Arrow Express 5i50 Triathlon October 25 in Subic Bay.

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