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Alaska IRONKIDS Philippines continues support for triathlon

Every year Alaska IRONKIDS Philippines continues to grow bigger and better because it is the perfect partnership.

Children need milk because it provides essential nutrients for sustenance, growth and physical development. Children need physical activities with their peers to develop not just their bodies but their attitudes, social skills and values as well.

“Alaska has an important role. It is not just to provide nutrition but also really to encourage children to have an active lifestyle and develop important values like sportsmanship, proper attitude and respect for others,” said Alaska Associate Brand Manager Diane Guerta.

Alaska IRON KIDS Philippines resumes its events in 2019 with the Alaska IRONKIDS in Davao (SWIM and RUN) on March 23 which precedes the Alveo IRONMAN 70.3 Davao; in Manila (SWIM and RUN) on May 12; in Subic Bay (SWIM and RUN) on June 1 which precedes the Century Tuna IRONMAN 70.3 in Subic Bay; and finally in Cebu (SWIM, BIKE and RUN) on August 10 which precedes the Regent Aguila IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines.

Registration opens October 1, 2018 at 8 a.m. PST.

Sunrise Events will again have a year-long calendar of triathlon activities for young boys and girls who are six to 14 years old as it partners with Alaska Milk.

The Alaska IRONKIDS series of races – which serve as venue for families to bond with parents showing their children that it’s fun to be physically fit and healthy – will again be held all over the Philippines in 2019.

Alaska IRONKIDS is not just a race. It is an opportunity for families to experience a shared activity. It also fosters the importance of starting the day right with a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.

“I think it started with kids who like swimming, biking and running. They got to see their parents who competed in the triathlon. Because these parents were triathletes, they encouraged their kids to try the sport. The children start with the play category. When they grow up, they then try to race,” said Guerta.

The Alaska IRONKIDS Philippines has grown over the years and has now proven to be just as exciting a competition as the IRONMAN races.

“We are happy to see new participants. For example in the Play category younger and younger kids are trying the sport. More kids are trying the sport. We are really introducing triathlon to Filipinos. We’re really proud. To be honest triathlon was not really a popular sport in the Philippines. Since Alaska IRONKIDS introduced triathlon in the Philippines for kids it has really grown as a sport,” said Guerta.

Alaska IRONKIDS teaches more than just the value of physical activity. It also teaches children to develop proper attitudes they will need later in life. The race serves as an introduction to sport and competition as children go on to become young adults.

“We are really happy to teach kids the skills not just in sports, but the values such as sportsmanship, respect and knowledge of proper nutrition. We are happy to see them grow. Tara Borlain (many time Alaska IRONKIDS winner) is one good example. She just won a silver (800 meters) in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) school games and gold (800 meters) in the Palarong Pambansa. We are really proud,” said Guerta.

Alaska IRONKIDS Philippines will continue to provide children throughout the year with activities that help not only their physical growth but also serve as avenue for children to interact with their peers as they develop not just their bodies but learn life lessons as well.

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