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XTERRA Off-Road racing is an experience like no other

While the basic principles of swim, bike, run remain the same XTERRA off road racing is a vastly different experience from regular triathlon races. XTERRA is more than just a race. It is an experience to be enjoyed.

Participants swear that it may be tough and challenging but also totally exhilarating. It provides them a chance to get out of their comfort zone and try something completely different.

If you want to experience a triathlon race like no other then join XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Danao Asia Pacific Championship on April 22, 2018 and XTERRA Albay on June 17, 2018. Visit Xterra Danao and Xterra Albay Facebook pages and sign up now.

Two-time XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Danao winner South African Bradley Weiss, who goes for a hat trick this April, says a big attraction of XTERRA races are the exotic locales he gets to visit.

“What I love most about XTERRA is the remote places of the world I get to visit and the amazing cultures and people I am exposed to. It has enriched my life tremendously and I will be forever grateful that I got to travel so extensively around our beautiful planet taking part in a sport I love,” said Weiss.

Mountain biking and trail running present their own set of unique challenges from just a road-focused triathlon race.

Aerodynamics and speed don’t count for as much in off-road triathlon. Instead, technical skill will make or break participants on a mountain bike course. Strong, proficient cyclists rather than speed riders have better chances of winning in bike rides over a rough terrain.

Race courses may also vary wildly. A single course may start on relatively smooth roads and then suddenly go into steep, rocky single-track paths where even the most technically proficient athletes will need to dismount and hike beside their bikes.

The plus side is that many XTERRA races, including those in the Philippines, are held in breathtaking locations.

Weiss himself confesses that one of the biggest thrills he has ever experienced in his life was biking on what has turned out to be a rather active volcano.

“I think one of my most memorable experiences was racing on the slopes of Mount Mayon Volcano. It was a truly exceptional experience and I cannot wait to do it again in 2018,” said Weiss.

Trail running is also a different type of running which requires strength, agility and sturdy ankles rather than just pure speed and stamina. Off-road is more about getting dirty but having more fun.

The husband and wife tandem of Ben and Jacqui Allen embrace the variety afforded by XTERRA races.

“Going to places off the beaten track, you never know what’s coming up around the next corner. The Off-Road Triathlon journey is exciting and unique compared to racing on the road. The people you meet are super chill and share the same love for living life on the wild side,”

The pair agreed that competing in the Philippines was a rewarding experience.

“The very first time we came to the Philippines, it was a complete culture shock. We didn’t know what to expect and everything we encountered from riding the bike course stopping for coconuts, to meeting likeminded people excited to share their beautiful piece of nature with us to be able to swim, bike and run. Filipino people are always smiling and it was amazing to experience all the different food items.”

Finally, XTERRA off road races generally have a much smaller field competing. It is a more intimate and friendly setting which makes it more accessible and welcoming.

Yes, XTERRA provides unique challenges which may seem daunting. But off-road racing still comes down to just swimming, biking and running. The path is just going to be a little uneven, rougher and will have plenty of dirt or mud on it.

Come experience a triathlon race like no other. Join XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Danao Asia Pacific Championship on April 22, 2018 and XTERRA Albay on June 17, 2018. Visit Xterra Danao and Xterra Albay Facebook pages and sign up now.

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