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Time finally ripe for IRONMAN Philippines

It took 10 years of waiting but the time is finally ripe for a full IRONMAN to be held in the Philippines. Sunrise Events has teamed up with Century Tuna to hold the 2018 Century Tuna IRONMAN Philippines at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone on June 3, 2018.

Sunrise Events Founder Wilfred Uytengsu explained that the inaugural IRONMAN event in the Philippines needed the perfect partner and the right venue. The local community also needed to be ready before the full distance IRONMAN could be held.


“Century Tuna has the same values about health and wellness. Why are you eating tuna? Because you don’t just want to work out your body, you also want to fuel it properly. And you have all this science and data about tuna and wellness. They have the right product and are great partners to be holding the first full IRONMAN,” said Uytengsu.

The Sunrise Events head said it was also important to hold IRONMAN in a venue that was challenging yet provided the infrastructure and services that ensured the safety and well-being of participating athletes. Subic was the perfect place.

“Subic has been the home for triathlon ever since I can remember and I’ve been in the sport since 1987. (The local officials) have been incredibly cooperative. They have tremendous infrastructure. They really work with us. They’re great partners and that’s why we’re here in Subic,” said Uytengsu.

Safety is the paramount concern when Sunrise Events holds triathlon races. Uytengsu is likewise confident Sunrise Events has gained the necessary experience to finally stage the full distance IRONMAN. He also thinks the local triathlon community is now ready for the full IRONMAN.

“I’ve wanted to do a full IRONMAN for the last five years. But I just didn’t think the community was ready. If you look at how the sport has grown. It’s exponential. Far wilder than my imagination could ever take us. We had to be ready as a community in order to do this distance,” said Uytengsu.

He cautioned those joining the full distance IRONMAN to respect the distance they will be facing.

“For all those aspiring IRONMEN out there a full IRONMAN is not two 70.3s back to back. I promise you, it’s a far tougher course. But when you come across that finish line and you hear them say that you are an Ironman. You’ve earned every minute of that race. We are proud to be able to bring the first full distance IRONMAN in the country,” said Uytengsu.

One thousand five hundred fifty two triathletes will test their limits in the ultimate challenge of physical test and mental toughness as Century Tuna finally holds the first-ever full IRONMAN Philippines.

Meanwhile, 333 athletes will slug it out in the IRONMAN 70.3, which also offers 25 slots in the World Championship at the Nelson Mandela Bay in South, Africa this September.

The first full IRONMAN is organized and produced by Sunrise Events and presented by Alaska, Tourism Promotions Board and Department of Tourism.

It also serves as a fitting event for Sunrise’s 10th anniversary celebration and a decade of staging IRONMAN races in the country.

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