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Penong’s steps into national arena with help of Sunrise

Penong’s Barbecue Seafood & Grill, hoping to build brand awareness and expand into the national market, partnered with Sunrise Events to hold the Penong’s 5i50 Triathlon in Davao City on July 7, 2019.

Sunrise Events Founder Wilfred Steven Uytengsu was grateful for the trust and expressed confidence that Sunrise can help Penong’s achieve its objective through the partnership.
“I want to thank Teresa (Ma. Teresa Regis) and Vanessa (Vanessa Mae Uy Santos) for partnering with Sunrise. They want to take their local Davao brand and bring it national. We at Sunrise think we are a good vehicle to do that. Because we will bring triathletes, not just from around the country, but from throughout the world to come to that. And we hope we can help achieve that objective,” said Uytengsu.

Penong’s co-owner Ma. Teresa Regis, herself a triathlon athlete, explained that they did not just want to expand their business they also wanted to help the public become more aware of the importance of health and wellness.

“A simple thank you for having us. This is an opportunity especially to my children to show them that this event is not just focusing on selling barbecues but also promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is doing something for the good of everybody,” she said.

Co-owner Vanessa Mae Uy Santos likewise encouraged the public to adopt a healthier lifestyle through exercise and physical activity.
“Being part of Penong’s ever growing family I personally advocate a healthy and active lifestyle. I see this partnership as an opportunity to show my support to my fellow athletes as well as those who are athletes at heart,” she said.

Penong’s opened its first restaurant at Ilustre Street in Davao and now has 30 branches, mostly in Davao.

Its owners are not just passionate about their business but also passionate about the sport of triathlon and eager to teach everyone the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle which is something that is shared in common with Sunrise Events.

The Penong’s 5i50 Davao features a 1.5 kilometer swim, 40 kilometer bike ride and a 10 kilometer run. The Olympic distance race is perfect for the flat roads of Davao.
It will be the second major triathlon event organized by Sunrise Events in Mindanao after the Alveo IRONMAN 70.3 Davao Philippines held March, 2018.

Uytengsu said the event was followed by international media will all eyes focused not just on Davao but the entire island of Mindanao. The world saw an entirely different picture from the common perception about the region.
“We had the Alveo 70.3 which was a resounding success. I think it helped dispel concerns about Martial Law in Davao. People went there and they were very relaxed. And they walked away with a very different attitude with what was being talked about in media. Or what they had in their preconceived notion,” said Uytengsu.

Instead of strife and lawlessness, there was peace and order and a disciplined citizenry eager to partner with its government to ensure the success of an international event.
“We hope to continue to support and dispel that myth and to bring athletes from around the country to participate in Penong’s 5i50. Thank you very much to Penong’s. We are looking forward to this partnership and we are looking forward to a great race.”

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